Adhesive recommendation for dash repair 2003 Seville

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My dash and dash pad are coming up near the front window vents in my 2003 Seville.  Getting my hand in there I feel what is either hard plastic or maybe a metal base to glue it back on to.  I'm wondering if anyone has any experience here with an adhesive that will set up quickly, hold up in the heat and not damage the dash or pad in any way.  I've got Gorilla Glue and I'm tempted to try it but not sure it's a good match for the application.  Any tips on the job are also greatly appreciated, tight workings up there so near the window......trying to save what I'm sure will be a large bill at some repair shop.  

Have attached a pic to better illustrate things.....thanks in advance for any help!




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Welcome to Caddyinfo.

I used Gorilla glue with great success on my 97.

I would not recommend attempting without removing the dash from the vehicle.

What I liked about the gorilla glue was that it swelled to fill all of the gaps as it cured. It should be clamped as well as possible to cover a large area. This way it will cure evenly


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I posted a reply at your other thread on this, mine looked good after I was done also


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