looking to buy a used 2000 or newer sts or cts , what to look out for , common problems etc

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Hi All, im new to this site, hope you are all well!!

I want to get a Seville or CTS. i presently have a suburban and use that for work AND family.. tired tired of using it for family as i always need to rearrange the contents to fit kids and i cant even get 10 bags of groceries in with all of us in it lol 

Im so weary of dealers and buying from them , never had a good experience with them. I am hoping this forum can help me through the process and what to look for and what to avoid!

Buying from private individuals can be as frightening but i think is usually better than a pushy dealer/salesman only after the commission and sale.

Ive seen a 06 or 05 CTS with #5 cyl misfiring and the possible cause is horrifyingly expensive at worst case scenario. things like that ,, i hope i can find out more what i need to look for.


thanks to anyone that takes some time from their day to help me



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Oh sorry so anything 2000 and newer?  Ok, so if we zoom in to 2000 or newer and less than 50K miles, my budget target would be a RWD STS with V8.  During 2005-2011 the RWD STS used a LH2 320 hp variant of the Northstar V8 until it was basically priced out of the market by the similar-power 302hp V6 which carried a lower price.    However, that can be a factor in your favor buying used.  

Similar to this example (although I don't care for the aftermarket wheels):

or this 2011 example:

the STS has nice rear leg room.  How large is your family?  If you need to seat 7 for example an Escalade might be the right family 'car.'


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black; 2013 Cadillac ATS 2L Turbo Premium (Wife's)

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Sadly im looking in the 2k range years 2000- 2006ish, Ive seen a bit of each model in this price range but as i stated WEARY!!!!

i prefer to have the 3.6 engine in the CTS 3.6 

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LOL an Escalade would be back to a huge beast to drive tha family in,,,, there are 4 of us,,, 2 kids and mommy and I. 

Price range i want is 2k tops and i know thats sort of a tall order but theres got to be something available!

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