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Adhesive recommendation for dash repair 2003 Seville

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My 2003 Seville has the dashboard cover coming up around the vents near the front window.  It's not horrible yet but I'm sure it will get worse.  I know certain adhesives are a no go with the materials in my dash.  Any tried and true adhesives that have been used by anyone here?  Also any tips on the repair would be appreciated.  Since it's so close the front window it's going to be a little difficult to apply the adhesive I would think and then also making sure it's secured well until it's cured.  

I'm trying to avoid the I'm sure costly  route of going to a fabric repair shop,  

I'm attaching a pic to better illustrate my issue.  Thanks for any help!  


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See if this is any help.

I'll see if I can post the photos



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