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The dual catalytic converters were installed today. I used one spark plug anti-fouler as a backspacing socket for the rear oxygen sensor to pull the stem out of the exhaust gas flow. That will reduce turbulence as well as reduce the chances that the high flow cats will cause a trouble code.



Click here to visit the main directory for my subforum about my 2002 Eldorado build for autocross racing:

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Wow. I really like this thread. I love all of the pics. (drooling)

As for that left pipe off the engine I would get a flange that slips over the pipe, then weld it onto the pipe from beneath (from between the flange and pipe) then use a matching flange on the pipe that comes down. Just a opinion and I know yours is already done.

I am also curious if you did anything with the pipe that runs under the oil pan? I hate that pipe as if you happen to have a little oil leak it gets burned off by it. Wouldnt be so bad if it was a cheap and easy fix to stop the leak.

That pipe seems rather restrictive in that area.

Thank you very much for posting this thread. 

If I went through this much work it would have to be stainless as anything but that rots here in lovely NY.

Best of luck to you.


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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