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Hi all!

Finally the spring has arrived over here. That means summer tires, a thorough cleaning and waxing and a general tune up on the cars! I finished my V so I thought it was time to do my wife’s STS, so I started it up and was heading for the garage but suddenly it started to miss. Pulled the plugs today and found out that the threads were gone at one of the cylinders at the rear bank. If you recall, I had a problem about one year ago when I found a plug at that exact location with a destroyed center electrode. That plug was loose then so I figure that the threads were severely weakened when the plug was rocking back and forth. Ironically I used a torque wrench a couple of years ago (in order to go easy on the threads…haha)  to install the last set of plugs and I am quite convinced that the wrench was off which in turn caused the stripped threads. About a year later another plug at the exact location was damaged and loose and the threads are all gone. I’m planning on buying a Time-Sert kit for spark plug repairs that supposedly will work with engine in place. I’ll let you know about my findings.

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