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Good morning.

I currently only have 1 PK3 key for my DTS. I would like to get 1 or 2 new keys for them, but wasn't sure if I can program myself.

I've seen the directions about leaving it in 10 minutes 3 times, and such. Is there a DIY method that works on these, or is this a dealer only task?


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You can do it yourself.  Easy!


Can I program a duplicate key for this vehicle?

   Yes, once you have had the new key cut by a Locksmith
    or other qualified persons use the following instructions.

    Call Toll Free 877-464-3685 to find a Locksmith in your area.

1.  Insert  an existing programmed working key into the ignition cylinder.    

2.  Turn ignition to the ON position for 5 seconds, then back to OFF position.

3.  Remove the existing key and within 5 seconds insert new key and turn
     it to the ON positiion for 5 seconds.

4.  Turn key OFF then back to ON. The key is now programmed.
     Start vehicle to test key.

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