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Power window control problem


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I sure hope that all you guys are still around! I have a 2002 Deville with a rear passenger door and window that don't open. I recently lost my job and my situation is getting pretty serious. I applied to drive for Uber, but I will have to have the car inspected. Of course, one of the things that are checked is that all four doors open and close. I read this thread and am willing to try the battery terminal thing, but I need to ask you guys a question.

I know that my battery is under the back seat (ugh!), but I can get to it myself. Does the car need to be running when I touch the terminal wires together? Is there a possibility of injuring myself? Is there a possibility of blowing up my whole electrical system?

Seriously, I need answers soon....I am almost out of cigarettes and rum and I need to start at Uber to pay my bills!

Thanks so much!

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I think that this needs a new thread because it's another car and the diagnosis will be independent of the 2011 problem and solution.

First, why doesn't the door open?  Can you open it with the handles?  Is is stuck, or is the mechanical mechanism stuck?

It might make a difference if it's the right or left door.  By "passenger" I think you mean the right door (my thinking is that both of them are passenger doors in the back seat, unless you drive your mother-in-law around).

In the rear fuse block, there is a 10 Amp fuse marked RRDR MDL.  You can try that first.  If you are lucky, that just could be your only problem.

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Hmmm......good example of internet folk lore.....aka bad advice....

Do not disconnect the battery while the car is running....ever. 

Touching the battery cables together will do nothing to fix the back window or non working door lock. 

Besides a bad window motor and bad door linkage......couple of things to check.

Each rear door has a child lock mechanism. Easy to verify it has not been engaged. 

Between each door and the car body......there is a wire harness in a rubber boot. The wires can often break inside the rubber boot.  



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The battery terminals should never be disconnected while the vehicle is running. They should never be touched together at all while the battery is hooked up.

I would say it is likely related to that doors module. possibly Due to broken wiring in the rubber between the door and the B pillar. It may be stuck locked and therefore cannot be opened from either handle.

What happens when you manually unlock and lock the door?

The window is controlled by the module also but it may also be a bad regulator. I have seen on multiple occasions people prop the window up and remove the plug from the motor. Anything is possible

Best of luck. welcome to Caddyinfo. Not bad a Caddy Uber. 


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Thanks for all of your answers....I used to be married to a car guy and I am sure that he checked the fuses and the wires that were easy to get to. Thanks for warning me about the battery terminals....you stopped me from making things worse.

I guess I will be baking lots of cookies and looking for a cookie loving mechanic....:wipetears

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