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I'm trying to revive a Denso Bose Nav system for my Seville (factory OE). I bought it used and the battery that keeps software memory in the unit has obvious gone flat. It's bricked. Only thing it will do is accept/eject discs.

A software CD came out in 2006 to fix units that were (already!) showing only a blank screen. GM said to update the AVN system software using an update disc, P/N 19115256.

I have been sent the kwi file that was on that disc and burned it to a CD-R and tried loading it into the Nav. It doesn't work; a screen comes up saying it doesn't recognise the disc.

Has anyone had any luck with loading software on these Nav systems? I believe it's the same unit in the DeVIlle.


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I was very lucky to have someone email me the LOADING.KWI file. I burnt it to a CD-RW and it worked.

I know that most folks won't care about the original Denso Nav Radio, but if you have an original Seville/DeVIlle and want to keep it that way the Nav Radio's weakness is that if ever the car's battery is disconnected for long enough, there's the risk that the radio's back-up battery will discharge (these batteries are now about 15 year-old, so even more prone to failure now).

If the Nav radio's  battery fails, the radio loses its software and then you don't have a working radio/CD/Nav anymore. It's bricked.

It's funny how up to maybe 3-4 years ago there were so many threads about this. People were begging for copies of the software to get their radios to work again. I posted this info on the 'other' Cadillac form, offering to make the software file a sticky, and nobody was interested! Everyone must have aftermarket radios now instead of the Nav radio.

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17 hours ago, James Hetfield said:

@rhdsts can you please send me the LOADING.KWI file please send it to thanks in advance!

You might send him a PM, he might get a notice on his email given how old his message is, I tagged him, I don't think your tag of him was active.  @rhdsts  @James Hetfield

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same problem. 2003 sts left at repair shop for head gasket and radio died.

working on replacing internal rechargeable battery but cant find that file!!!

Did you get yours working?

Please help.

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Please I am looking for the file name LOADING.KWI    If anyone has please please give me the instruction how to load the file in CDR. I have seen in you tube it said this file will fix my missing Clock for my 2005 Cadillac STS after I have Replace the new battery. My email address [contact via pm]

Thank in advance 

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I don't think anyone has the disc. Pretty rare. You may want to check with a Delco radio and speedometer repair facility. 


I did look around the GM service info and did find a bulletin (looked up 2003 Deville).



Some customers may comment on any of the following conditions:

    •  The Advanced Vehicle Navigation (AVN) system screen may be blank. 

    •  The door chime may sound intermittently. 

    •  The AVN system map display cannot zoom in closer than 16 miles in some areas. 

Do This: Update the navigation radio software.
Don't Do: This Do not replace the navigation radio or map disc.
Important: The software is updated using a disc, NOT through SPS reprogramming. 

Important: This software update is for radio P/Ns 25734875, 25743430, 25744040, 25755059 and 25764007 ONLY. 

Technicians are to update the AVN system software using an update disc, P/N 19115256. To perform the update, follow the instructions given in the booklet that is included with the disc. Do not turn the ignition switch off during the software update.

Parts Information
GM dealers must order advanced vehicle navigation (AVN) software update discs from the GM Navigation Disc Center. These discs will no longer be available from GMSPO.

To obtain an AVN software update disc, contact the GM Navigation Disc Center at 1-877-628-3472.

The parts listed below are for updating the navigation radio software only. They do not update or replace the navigation map disc that is supplied with the vehicle. Please order this part only as needed. There is a very limited supply of these discs available. Do not order this part for stock. This disc can be used to reprogram more than one vehicle.

The first update disc for each P/N is free. Subsequent copies of the same P/N for the same dealer will cost $50.

Part Number: 19115256
 Description: AVN Software Update CD

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