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GM News Feed:Meet the Cruise AV: the First Production-Ready Car With No Steering Wheel or Pedals

Bruce Nunnally

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General Motors filed a Safety Petition with the Department of Transportation for its fourth-generation self-driving Cruise AV, the first production-ready vehicle built from the start to operate safely on its own, with no driver, steering wheel, pedals or manual controls.

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I believe that GM will have an uphill battle, of getting the proper permissions to allowing this on the road.  Currently it is illegal for these self driving (autonomous) vehicles from operating without a driver present.  This will/may certainly be in everyone's future (if you are young enough now) but I still don't think it is 'ready for prime time'.  I believe the road to autonomy will be millions of miles driven, autonomously, but with a driver present, then documented, for these millions of miles driven, that no driver input was required.  I won't get into the litigious issues if even one accident occurs autonomously (despite how much more safer it is than regular drivered vehicles) but suffice it to say; not yet.    JMO


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