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Need some advice/help. 2004 XLR 4.6l. CEL codes p0300, p0018.

So here is my issue. When I start the car it's fine. Smooth idle and no PD codes. If I rev the engine past 2k or drive around the block a couple times, the codes pop and it starts to idle rough. P0300 is multiple misfire and p0018 Crankshaft Position - Camshaft Position Correlation (Bank 2 Sensor A).   I don't think it's a timing chain issue "Tho I could be worng" as I would think it would run rough all the time. If I turn off the car and let the car sit for about an hour and start it back up it runs great again. I've had timing chains go bad on me with other cars and if it was a timing chain I wouldn't think it would be A ok after sitting for an hour. 

Just to eliminate some of the potential culprits I checked all my  vacuum lines, replaced all the plugs, all new coil packs, swapped injectors to the other side, Replaced all the Camshaft and crank shaft sensors, Egr valve. Problem still exist.

I swapped the actuator solenoids as it's the same part to the other bank and it did nothing.   Any ideas what I can check next to find whats causing this?   

My next line of attack is going to be checking the timing with a light, Check the voltage going to the Solenoid , Replace the VVT valve in the Phaser, And if worse comes to worse, replace the Phaser it self.

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