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Avg. mpg per tank

Avg. mpg per tank (ordinary driving)  

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  1. 1. Avg. mpg per tank (ordinary driving)

    • 10-11 mpg
    • 11-12 mpg
    • 12-13 mpg
    • 13-14 mpg
    • 14-15 mpg
    • 15-16 mpg
    • 16-18 mpg
    • 18-20 mpg
    • 20-22 mpg
    • 22-25 mpg

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Almost seven years since the last post in this topic but I'll do the math once again.

18,3 mpg for 323 votes. By the shape of the bell curve it is clear that there are quite a lot of people that gets better than 25 mpg!

I usually count on 18-19 mpg myself on my daily commutes which are about 50% highway and 50% rural roads. With summer tires on, I almost always reach 120+ mph somewhere on the way every day. I don't drive like a maniac, I'm mostly cruising along at 85 mph on the highway and about 65 on the rural roads but there is a particular pleasing stretch with little or no traffic in the middle of some fields. No buildings and no houses and here we go! It is surprising that I never seem to grow up ;)

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