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Wanted 2011 CTS Component Connector End View-Index

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I am looking for connector and terminal information for my 2011 CTS Sport Wagon.  I am attempting to install some Recaro seats and my copy of the service manual does not have the "Component Connector End View -index".   It is needed to get the pin function and terminal part numbers.  Several wires need to be moved and re- terminated.  Thanks

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My GM DVD service info only goes up to 2009-2010. 

There is a online source for GM service manual information. Same thing the dealers use.

It's $20 for unlimited 3 days access. Up-to-date service bulletins etc too. 

All of GM 1998 and newer. You are not limited to one model during the subscription. So you can look up info on your neighbors Buick at the same time. Print all you want. 

GM employees can get free access using their GMID. But not thru the AC Delco site.

Kind of makes the $250 Helm Inc service manuals obsolete. Not sure if Helm even prints service manuals anymore..


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