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My 1998 Eldo, recently back from surgery(headgasket), has twice shown the service engine light warning, not on consecutive days. Activated the onboard and P0121/P0124 History appeared. Deleted codes to see if that removed the warning light. It does. I have the 3 volume service manual so I know what they are but I am not very tech smart . Any suggestions on how to proceed? Car has been running fine with the only thing I notice is that when at a stop there is a very minimal unevenness to the idle. Doesn't show on the tach .

                                                              Thanks Kent

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Hi Kent,

    Get a wire brush and clean the throttle body bore. 3 7mm bolts hold it on. Make sure the wire harness for tps, iac and mass air flow isn't being pulled on or real tight. 

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