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GM News Feed:GM Leads Industry on Strength of Chevrolet and GMC

Bruce Nunnally

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General Motors (NYSE: GM) today reported a 12 percent year-over-year increase in total sales in September to 279,397 units, driven by a 17 percent increase at Chevrolet and an 9 percent increase at GMC.

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Cadillac lagged across the board (for September) with XT5 the only bright spot.  New stuff is coming but it just isn't coming soon enough.  The Luxury segment is very dynamic; Cadillac seems to be a little 'spurty' (great stuff then they tend to let is stagnate a bit.  The "V's" were/are terrific but not much new and they are giving the competition the chance to catch up and exceed in some cases.    JMO


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