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In another post I asked about sources for the GM service manual and was directed to an online service that provides up to date service manuals for a subscription.

In my googling, I also found out that a lot of libraries (mine included) give you access to the Chilton Library.  I looked at it and it seemed to give me (an on again/off again DIY shadetree mechanic) more questions than it answered. Illustrations were inadequate  and did not have easy to understand links to the written instructions. Have any of y'all seen this and what do you think?

Can  I expect better tech instruction from the GM online manuals? I realize factory service manual have to assume a higher amount of experience for them to not be redundant for the tech, so I'm just wondering what to expect from them.

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Share on other sites is a samples of the GM online version. I don't think you will be disappointed.

Special note....current GM employees can get free access to this information using their GMID...but not thru the AC Delco site. 





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Thanks, Logan. I'll probably be taking a 3-day look at it in the future. I hate line drawings, tho. I really think good old grayscale photo's of a clean engine with clear notation can provide a lot more guidance.

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