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New ACDelco Parts versus Old GM/ACDelco OEM Parts

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Hi cadillac guys

I thought about this subject searching for a replacement EGR valve on my '92 Eldorado.

Since GM went bust some time ago and took a government bailout, there's been a rumor on the internet that ACDelco parts are not really original GM / ACDelco any more.  The parts seem to all be made in either mainland China or Mexico, with plenty of complaints about the functionality of these latest offerings.

My question is, which is better to buy:

A New Old Stock (NOS) EGR valve from the 1990s that actually has GM and Rochester stamps on it


A New 2017 Chinese ACDelco EGR valve that has a Part Number stamped on it that doesn't even match the Part Number on the box it came in?

At first this may seem like a No-Brainer question since the NOS GM / ACDelco parts almost always work better than Chinese stuff, but . . . . .

Is the diaphragm in a positive back-pressure EGR valve actually made of rubber or plastic that could become brittle with age and prematurely fail?

In that case a new Chinese ACDelco may be the way to go.

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