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Chip for EXT


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I have a 2003 EXT...super left over not even a year yet! Dealer was telling me about chips and they are not voiding warranties. More HP & better gas mileage.

They just "plug in" no programing. So if this is real..has anyone done an EXT?

How much ?

Which one ?

Not looking to "change" the EXT and make it a street machine ..just looking for better mileage and if the HP comes with it thats OK

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Do you really think GM left mileage on the table from programming when it is such an EPA prized commodity? Do you think that the aftermarket is really going to mess with the emmissions part of the calibration? Even the big name reprogrammers don't have the facilities to recertify each application. Your best bet on mileage is a lower restriction exhaust.

As far as power goes. The reprogrammers play games with chassis dynos. They get extra horsepower by advancing the spark and adding fuel which under the reduced load of the dyno shows as more power. The problem is that once you add the full load of the vehicle back in the chambers get hotter and less tolerant of the extra spark. The end result is the longer you are at WOT and the higher gear you get into the slower the vehicle goes because of extra fuel and spark retard. The end result is the car feels faster but doesn't do well against a stop watch.



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Here's what I have done with trucks and chips. I had my 1992 Silverado re-programmed by a buddy's cousin. I did not see any fuel milage increase but I sure did see a power increase. He had all his own programming equipment and programs for it and he charged me $250CDN.

I sold a friend of mine a Hypertech Power Programmer for his 1998 Dodge Dakota R/T (5.9L V8 in a 1/4 ton truck). It cost him $450CDN, a heck of a deal because retail is around $650CDN. He noticed no increase in power or fuel economy. The only thing that was useful was the top speed limiter could be increased and he could adjust for bigger tires or a gear change.

I sold another friend of a mine a Hypertech Power Programmer for his 2000 Chevrolet 4x4. The difference between the Dodge and the Chevy was night and day. There was a lot more you could do with the Chevy such as tune the transmission shift points for more firmness, read and clear diagnostic codes, adjust to pour tons of fuel down and make a rocket out of his truck, on top of the rev limiter increase, top speed limiter, and adjust tire size or gear swap. We were doing 120km/h (70 mph) in second gear. On the other hand, he neither saw any fuel milage increase even on the lowest setting.

If you are going to spend money, the handheld power programmer is the best option, it's easy to navigate through and only takes a matter of minutes to set everything where you want, but I have not seen a increase in fuel milage. A chip that you plug in is generally a spark advance device. The only effect you would see from that is a placebo, at least in my experience. I have never sold a Superchips programmer nor a Superchips chip but they're products are much the same as the Hypertech ones.

Hypertech Website

Superchips Website


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