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Help in Replacing EVAP Canister

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I am replacing my EVAP Canister on my 2005 Cadillac STS, I mainly need help by someone that has done this before so he or she can tell me what is the easiest path to remove it once it is free, the connections and wiring I can do and understand, but if you have done it before you know that it is in very tight quarters, if someone could help me with that I would really appreciated it.

That's really all I need to know, please don't ask me why I'm replacing it or any busy questions, thanks, John

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I was able to find step by step information for this, thanks, John

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I have to apologize to being a little short in this post this car has really has tried my patience because it just seemed like it was just one thing after another, I would get one thing fixed and 2 or 3 things would go wrong, some things would be as odd as the dash defroster nozzle just crumbling into pieces and the tail light needing to be replaced, problems with the emission stuff, the list goes on, and the worst was really just finding Service Manuals which I finally did, the doing my repairs out in the heat and humidity of Wisconsin just made me Crabby, so if anyone read my posts and thought I was a real jerk, I am sorry, I will be much more respectful in the future. John

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