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...... for a Allanté 1987. VIN is: 1G6VR3174HU100294

Tried to find out specs but digits 6-9 don´t match?????

Digit no 8 should be an 8, no? Only Place I´ve found an 8 is for a 1989 4,5 and that did not exist 1987 or.....

Digit 6-7 don´t fit any model?

Please help fast if You can!

@OldCadTech @BodybyFisher @Logan and others.....

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6 Cadillac

V body Allante

R series Allante

31 some decoders say Should be '67' for allante but 31 means driver/passenger restraint system

7 some decoders say should be '8' for 4.1L v8 but '7' means 4.1L V8

4 check digit

H 1987


I think the VIN is okay.


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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1st Position - COUNTRY 1 United States 2 Canada

2nd Position - MANUFACTURER G General Motors

3rd Position - DIVISION 6 Cadillac

4th & 5th Positions - CAR LINE & SERIES CB Fleetwood (FWD) 4 Dr Sed CD Deville CH Fleetwood (FWD) 4 Dr Limo CS Fleetwood (FWD) 4 Dr Sed (Sixty Special) DW Fleetwood Brougham (RWD) EL Eldorado JG Cimarron KS Seville VR Allante

6th Position - BODY TYPE 1 2 Dr Cpe 3 2 Dr Conv 5 4 Dr Sed

7th Position - RESTRAINT SYSTEM 1 Manual Belts 2 Manual Belts (Built in SFTY) 3 Manual Belts (Built in SFTY - Driver Only) 4 Automatic Belts

8th Position - ENGINE TYPE

  • W 6-173 (2.8) MFI 120HP
  • Y 8-307 (5.0) 4BC 140HP
  • 7 8-250 (4.1) MPI 170HP
  • 8 8-250 (4.1) DEFI 135HP (DeVille & Fleetwood 130HP )

9th Position - CHECK DIGIT A single number or the letter “X’’ used to verify the accuracy of the VIN.

10th Position - MODEL YEAR H 1987

11th Position - ASSEMBLY PLANT

12th thru 17th Positions - SEQUENCE NUMBER A sequential serial number assigned by the vehicle manufacturer.


Reference: http://shopkeysupport.com/sk5com/vin/vin.pdf


2016 Cadillac ATS-V gray/black

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