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Need help in Texas.............have a 96 caddy deville and it keeps on throwing a IPC 1911 code. I down loaded the Haukap code list, but this code is not listed in the code list does anyone know what is this code, or where I can to find out what it is. I know its in the Instrument Panel control. The car is running fine, but this code is driving me crazy. Any suggestions out there..................

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IP 1911 code is: Alternator "L" terminal fault malfunction. Per the service manual:

The test for DTC IP 1911 is only performed when the engine is running with an engine spedd greater than 600 RPM and Serevice Diagnostics is not active. This DTC indicates a circuit malfunction is preventing the alternator from charging.

Circuit Description

DTC IP 1911 will set if the alternator "L" terminal is grounded. A DIC warning message "BATTERY No CHARGE" will be displayed when DTC IP 1911 is current.

Troubleshooting Hints:

Probe the Alternator L-Terminal terminal and look for Ignition-1 voltage while engine is running. If ignition voltage is present, check for intermittent shorts or opens in the Alternator L-Terminal wiring or Ignition-1 wiring.

Hope this helps,

Chuck :D

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Hey chuck, thanks for the info. I did get a battery no charge, but once I let the car warm up, I cleared the battery no charge. I didnt drive the car for about 3 days, but it hasnt appeared again. The car is running fine, going to check the battery and alternator to see what's up. thanks again............rayntx

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