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2005 Deville serpentine belt

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Hey I just bought this car 3 weeks ago..it had a 138000km on it and one previous owner, the car drove amazing..no ticks or chirps...anyways the serpentine belt went so i replaced it. The next day I noticed a squealing noise as I accelerated and there's I will a little shake in my steering wheel..also one day the check coolant light came on like 2 minutes after I started..i checked it and it was fine. The light hasn't came on since. Please tell me this is a simple fix ?????? oh and the  ABS and traction control light will just show up randomly...This is my first Cadillac and I don't want it to be my last because I've always wanted one.

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If the "check coolant level" message comes on and the coolant level is correct, it is most likely the sensor in the surge tank.  Unfortunately, GM makes you buy the whole surge tank... The OE part number is 31-2-23415 and there used to be a guy selling them on eBay but not lately.  A Standard brand FLS-16 sensor is a little longer than the OE sensor but it will work if you lube it with some silicone grease.  The silicone grease allows it to be pushed in enough so the harness will plug in.  I went through this on a 2004 Deville I bought a few months ago.  I checked the operation of the Standard Products sensor by siphoning out the surge tank.  I received the low coolant message.  Filling the surge tank to the correct level and the message went away.  I only paid four bucks for the Standard Products sensor on eBay so it was worth it to me do some investigating to see if it would work.

Remove the surge tank mounting bolts, unplug the sensor and use needle nose pliers to remove the old one - I'll bet it's split from the heat.


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