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Electrical Codes - Multiple and U1152

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I'm getting a host of what I think are electrical codes on my 2002 ETC.

The seat position memory works intermittently and weird, and has been bad since I bought the car with 28,000 miles in 2009.  It has 80k now.   By weird I mean that sometimes it works, sometime the seat moves all the way forward; sometimes when I get back in the car the seatback is reclined all the way.  It's random and intermittent.  There's no logic or consistency.

I'm getting a PCM 0741 code intermittently, however I've never noticed anything wonky with the torque converter from driving the car.  And I drive fast and aggressively.  I'm also getting a PCM 0420 regularly, although I had the catalytic converter replaced a couple of years ago, and it was a good converter.  

Here's the codes it threw yesterday:

P1545 current  (didn't light up the service engine soon light)
U1152 History

ACM B1348 is current after reset.  In fact, the A/C gas was low and I just got that fixed.  But I've also gotten the clutch code, even though the compressor is about 4 months old.
SDM B1327 history
RFA U1064 history

B2115 history
B2118 history
B2119 history
B0856 history
B1983 history
B1656 history

So, my question is whether the constellation of codes indicates there is a fundamental electrical problem with the car.

I can't get it to pass smog, and I wonder if some like the clutch converter code and the loss of signal for the PCM can be electrical.


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