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Where to buy 03 Deville starter solenoid?

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I've been having an intermittent starting problem for the past couple of months. Most of the time it cranks right up but when it doesn't I do hear the solenoid pulling the starter drive into the flywheel but the starter motor won't spin. Sometimes it takes a few try's but it always cranks, SO FAR. This tells me that the contacts in the solenoid are not sufficiently closing the circuit that feeds power to the starter motor. I could possibly pull it apart and clean the contacts but that would NOT be a long term fix and because of the time involved with accessing the solenoid PLUS seals to re-seal the plenum, I'd rather just replace it with a new one. My problem is that I'm having a hard time locating a solenoid only and I can't afford the whole starter assembly + intake manifold seals. Can someone tell me where I can buy a solenoid only? I've looked on GM Parts Direct, NAPA, Autozone, Orielly's, Rock Auto and Advanced....

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Locate a starter and alternator rebuilder in your area and take the starter to them.  They will repair the starter for a fraction of the cost of the chain store junk.

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