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OT: Converting wheel hubs

STS Scott

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This is a little unrelated to a Cadillac discussion, but due to the knowledge base, I'll give it a shot.

Is it possible to convert a 4 bolt hub to a 5 bolt pattern? What are the options in terms of this?

I have been told that on a four bolt hub, only one prong is "male" and the other three "female" ones can be removed, and a five-prong adaptor put in its place, but how reliable is this set up?

The car in question is a Ford SVT Contour, and the wheel to be used is an 18 inch Mille Miglia Evo5... if the wheel does not fit, make the car fit the wheel right?!

Thanks for any insight, and pardon this non-Caddy tangent!

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I would go right to Ford and see if there was a suspension upgrade for that car and see if it included a five bolt hub. Its possible there is a compatible hub for one of their other lines that would have the five bolt pattern.. Just a thought

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I bet there's a kit out there. I've seen lots of kits for the '93 and previous Fox-bodied Mustang. They came with 4-lug wheels from the factory, but they have kits to convert them to 5-lug, which would be rather indepth on a live axle car like that because I'm sure that would include new axle shafts (because the flanges and shafts are integral). The front should be no problem.

For a FWD car like a Contour, I see no big issues, save for the money for a kit, if available. It'd just involve buying the new bearing assemblies (or however Ford mounts the wheel flange to the car) and installing them.

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