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I have searched the old archive without any luck...

While crusing at highway speed I have recently noticed a slight oscillation in the cruise control. The symtom is that it feels like you are slightly stepping on the gas pedal and then letting off. This occurs about 4 times per minute. I'm hoping that maybe someone else on this board has experienced a similar problem and can provide a solution. This occurs on a perfectly level section of highway. Thanks...

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I had the EXACT same problem about a month ago. I had been working under the steering column on my alarm and then started having the problem...parking brake wouldn't work either. I went back under the dash, kinda moved things around so that nothing was pressing the (vacuum) lines and the problem went away.

Shortly thereafter cruise quit working all together, but I found out that the dealership forgot to reconnect the plug under the hood while doing recall work on the fuel rail. Plugged it back up and again no problem since. I use cruise EVERY day on my commute.

Don't know if that helps, don't know exactly what I did to fix it, but it works and I know what you are talking about. Maybe that gives you some ideas of where to begin investigating.


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I recall a buddy of mine having the same problem with a GM car several years ago. I am not sure if it was the same type of CC unit or not. The more I think about it the more I think it was the old vacuum diaphram type unit but his problem turned out to be too much slack in the cable. Just a thought and something to look at.

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My '94 DCS has also done this "feedback-loop" thing a few times, but only after I have pressed on the accelerator and certainly not very often even then.

The vac and cable areas are certainly good places to start.

It seems to be a mechanical-induced thing, so I would lean to the cruise actuator cable and throttle cable.

There may be a hysteresis/sensitivity adjustment on a mechanical component?

Perhaps a value in the computer's control loop algorithim (PID-loop) could be adjusted to compensate?

:) Good crusin'

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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