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amperage problem


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hi i have a 95 sedan deville and i have been having problem with my alternator going out lately. i've replaced my alt 3 time in less than a year goin on my fourth one now. since then ive replace my radio with a aftermarket jvc. I recent jus put a remote start system on aswell (jus this year). i know my alt shuld produce 140 amps max but i was wondering if by replacing my radio, and rear deck speakers, maybe i have exceeded the amp rating my car produces. lately due to weather and my job i've been driving with alot of accessories on like my wipers, blower motor, headlights, tinted rearview mirror, and rear defogger. Plus i was thinking that maybe my jvc might be drawing a lil bit to much for the alt to handle especially if u include the bose factory amp but i dont know how many amps it draws. the radio is 50wx4 so if anyone has any ideas i would appreicate it thanks............

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A few things maybe, but I'm also certain there are wiser folks who will pitch in.

1. Was the first alt you replaced a GM original?

2. Were the next two or three alt's - all GM products with the proper rating? I have noted problems with bargain alts from posts on this site. For sure the Caddy is a electrical-power hungry beast.

3. Why not test the alt and battery, cables etc - in service?

The DIC (Digital Info Center) might be able to show "current current" somehow.

A good shop should be able to run exhaustive tests on each major item.

3. Were there any codes on the DIC preceding any of the failures?

4. Does your alt have factory water cooling? (is it working OK?)

5. Please explain the failure mode (of each alt - if different). Does the battery simply loose charge or does the alt somehow let out the "magic smoke" inside all things electrical?

6. You may want to eliminate the remote starter and some other non-original equipment items, just to let things settle down a bit. Consider adding one power-heavy item back at a time - if possible according to a written plan.

Ideally, you should be be able to monitor the amp-load with each change.

Try the above, good luck and hope for better help. :)

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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