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2005 STS V8


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Went down to the local Cadillac-Buick dealer today to get a $100 Marriot lodging certificate for test driving a new Buick. The guys there said do you want to really test drive the Buick because we'll validate your certificate even if you do'nt take one out. I said I would much rather take out a V8 Sts if they had one on the lot. Well the guys at the dealership were very accomidating and they dug one out of the snow for me to try. I strapped my 4 year old son in the back and off we went. This is a very nice car, Cadillac should be proud of the effort that they have put into the car. Very solid feel, minimum road and wind noise, especially compared to our 97 sts. The seats were very comfortable and the electric steering wheel adjuster with telescoping function was great. I could of spent an hour messing with all the adjustments and electronic gadgets on that car. The base V8 has plenty of get-up and go yet is also extreamly civilized. It does not scream hot rod which I like for a number of reasons. The engine noise at WOT is not as loud as our 97's but I'm sure I could learn to deal with it. The car tracked straight and true under high excelleration and speed. What a nice car. This will definitely be our next car depending on how the new Deville looks. It is always nice to have six people seating and more room. Otherwise this car is at the top of my list. Oh yeah, I'm 6,2 and head room was ok even with the sun roof. You could'nt wear a cowboy hat or something like it but the room was pretty adequate for a six footer. I probably could of squeezed some more head room out by adjusting the seats even further than I did but I was in a rush to get it on the road. If you have a Cadillac /Buick dealer in your nieghborhood down-load a form for a test drive from buick.com for the $100 certificate go down and test drive a really nice car. Hurry-up cause todays the last day for this offer. The STS' according to the dealer are selling real well and there is a four month waiting period for the AWD model. Sound's good for making an off lease deal. Hope those interest rates stay low!

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Does anyone here have one yet? I wan wondering that the other day there going awfuly fast someone here must have one by now! :lol:

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Defending Northstar perf a qtr mile at a time!!!!

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