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Aloha Cadillacdub,

As I understand, the cars don't need a tune up until about 100K miles. At that point, you can put in spark plugs and wires. Traditional tune ups are a thing of the past. You can put in a can of intake cleaner, often it will get gumed up after a while. That is unless you are having problems with the car!

Enjoy Ed

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143.000 miles with original wires. Plugs were replaced just recently. Car has been running like new - excellent power and fuel economy. The only things to pay attention to are :

1. Cooling system.

2. TB with EGR tubes.

3. ISC motor.

4. Probably starter.

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Has anyone ever done a tune up on a 4.9L??? If so how much is this gonna cost me and is it easy to do myself???????

I did it on a 91 Seville, and replaced the plugs (AC only), wires (OEM only), cap, PVC, air filter, gas filter, and rotor as needed. Getting to the plugs by the firewall is hazardous as there are many sharp edges wear a glove on the hand closest to the firewall. I also replaced the coil, EGR and CAT on that car. What I do is pull an easily accessible plug and look at it, if the gap is wide and the electrode is rounded, its history.

I am a performance nut and drive hard especially with my 91, so I am apt to replace items more frequently than the schedule dictates. I also like to get under the hood and look for leaks and questionable worn items (belts, hoses, water pump) and replace them. Replacing a questionable worn component in your driveway is much better than being stuck on the side of a highway with your family sitting on the guardrail, but thats me..

Obviously doing the tune up yourself is much less expensive than taking it in, just gap the plugs right, and pay close attention to ignition wire routing and do one at a time.

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