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What model is it ?? STS or SLS


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OK, Guys. Thanks for all the help on what model I have. I was not sure ware to post this reply so I put it here also. Let me try to go through all the replys. I am sure it's a 1993. Yet there is no STS or SLS on trunk lid. Next here is the Vin Numbewr- 2 1g6ks52b1pu835268. I hope you find it for me. Next it HAS the exterior chrome grill and lots of lower body cladding, but I have no fog lights. I do have wood trim on the console and all the doors. As for the tail lights, I do not know if they are larger or smaller since i have nothing to compare then to. Yes I have the 4.9L V-8. I understand you say the STS in 1993 got the Northsar. And to kger2, thank you for the congrads. It is a fine automobile. It really has power. It's so nice to have such a fine automobile with so much power. It is very sporty to me and really supprises many on the road when i shove there aggression in there faces and blow them away. Fine on the CD repair. I have a place near by I have had repairs on other equipment done by in the past. Thanks. My Emblem is on top of the hood and my grille is chrome. OK , there you have it. Now it's time for sleep, only 7 hours before I get to drive to work again, I look forward to the drive now. WOW..... P/s I try to add a pic of Seville but no matter what I do, size and file type, it keeps telling me i can not add file of this type. What is it looking for??

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VIN Decoded:

1 = USA

G = General Motors

6 = Cadillac

KS = Seville (Note - KY would be STS)

5 = 4 door sedan

2 = Manual Belts w/ driver and passenger inflatable retraints

b1 = ??

p = 1993

u = Assembly Plant - Hamtramck MI

835268 = production sequence.

You've got an SLS.

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