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WOT on a 92 Seville


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Can someone please help me on the WOT on my 92 seville. I have been reading about this procedure but it seems that it works very well on the northstar motor. In the 92 i still have the 4.9. Is it till safe to do??????????

i dont think that the a WOT would hurt the engine, i mean you got to clean it out

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I do not do much WOTs since my driving pattern is mostly highways 75-80 MPH and TB end EGR tubes are clean. I think 4.9 does not need WOTs as frequently as N* does.

I did it a couple of times last fall, put it in 2-nd and WOTed (a new word ;) ) starting at 30 MPH all the way up to 85 MPH and left pedal to slow down to 30 MPH. Repeated this cycle three times. Stopped the car looked at the ATF deepstick and it was covered with bubbles :o . Never sow bubbles before. It looks like the transmission oil gets really hot during WOTs.

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