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Building a Duke Kit that I inherited from my Dad


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Greeting I thought I'd introduce myself here. I'm Keith Mowbray from Oak Harbor, Washington on Whidbey Island and I'm building a Duke kit car that I inherited from my Dad who was getting a little too older to finish the kit. He basically finished the motor and drivetrain and gave me the rest of the parts and body in boxes. I'm currently putting the body togeather and at step 101 in the assembly manual. It took me awhile but I eventually located the front support bracket for the front end. I'm glad I did because it showed me that the radiator my dad installed was too wide and I had to cut off the side flanges of the radiator to get the front engine sides to fit on the front support bracket. I've had a few doubts about the alignment of the dash cowl that sits on the door side panels. I got the hood out to see how it fits and have the front of the dash cowl flush with the front of door side panels and very back of the engine side panels but the back of the dash cowl sits out and hangs over the door side panels where the suicide doors close. Oh well I'll post some pics and ask some questions as a go along here. My Facebook photo album link is https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10207049230574090.1073741833.1380172154&type=1&l=738b139efa Thanks....Keith

Jaguar Duke - 1 (1).jpg

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Welcome Keith.  Looks like it is coming right along.  I always find in my projects that first I do it exactly as I think the book answer appears then have to figure out why it doesn't quite work right and then how it should go.  The nice thing about assembling it your self will be how well you will know the car, inside & out.


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Hi Keith. I'm a little late in getting back to this forum. Best of luck on your project. I have a Classic Roadsters factory-built Duke that I bought over four years ago and have been working on a little just to keep it in running order. I've posted some of my experiences here in the past. I can't quite tell from the picture but I'm guessing you have a Ford Mustang/Pinto doner because your alternator is on the opposite side of the engine bay compared to my Chevy Chevette-based car. Keep us posted, please. Bob M. in Parker, CO

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