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brake job


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i did a brake job on my 97 sts today. the car has 72000 mi & i thought this would be a good time to take care of the brakes. the brake pedal had some pulsation in it under hard braking(not the abs). i had the front rotors resurfaced but i had trouble removing the caliper bracket for the rears, i left them alone . there seems to be more of a normal pedal now with a slight pulsation (maybe the rear rotors?). i will drive the car for a few weeks & see what happens.have a good weekend.

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To replace the rear pads you do not need to remove the caliper anchor. Just unscrew one bolt and swing up.

The piston will have to be SCREWED in to have enough room for the new brake pads. Screw it back until it bottoms out, being careful to not damage the neoprene piston seal.

You can get what is called a "brake cube" at a parts house to do this or the handle ends of pliers may work for you if it is not tight.

To remove the caliper anchor there are two bolts that screw in from the back side to the anchor. The bolt that holds the emergency cable in place also needs to be removed

Pay attention to how the emergency cable hooks up so you won’t have trouble putting it back on with its wire locking clip.

A way to see if the rear rotors are pulsing is to apply the emergency brake when driving and seeing if it pulses. Obviously do not try this in a traffic area, or if you emergency brake is not releasing in a normal manner.


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just to clarify my post . i did change out the rear brake pads. i didn't get the rear rotors resurfaced because i could not remove the caliper bracket. thanks for the replys.

Yes you can have pulsating from the rear. To diagnose that, drive highway speed with NO ONE behind you because your brake lights will not light, and with the car in DRIVE push your parking brake and see if you have pulsating.

I just did my fronts, the rotors are big, heavy and beefy and I had them resurfaced. I am going to do my rears and will also resurface them. DO NOT buy the CHEAP, CHINESE CRAP rotors, cheap does not equate to good quality IMHO, if they are within spec have them resurfaced and you will be fine.

I have had trouble with those brackets, use an 18 inch breaker bar and 6 point socket. Mike

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