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checked codes / what to do next? re: SRC


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Ok I checked my codes and this is what I got

No PCM codes

No IPC codes

No APC codes

No SIR codes

No TCS codes

then it says...


CODE SO61 HISTORY <----- Any way to clear these?


The dude I bought the car from said that he did have the struts replaced one time. My friend at the dealer said that if the dealer did replace the struts at one point, they should have done that thing where you disable the "Service Ride Control" message(http://www.caddyinfo.com/disable.htm). I can't find anything on his old paperwork about the struts being replaced though. What should I do next?

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I would be suspicious about his story. What did he replace the struts with? OEM or passive struts? I would think that you should be able to inspect them and see for yourself. If you're that concerned bring the car to a Cadillac dealer and have them inspect it for about $80.00.

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