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Trunk Pull Down Intermittent Operation

Va Maddog

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I had a problem with intermittent operation of the trunk pull down motor on my 95 SLS. The latch would release fine but when I closed the lid the pull down motor would occasionally fail to activate leaving the trunk latched but not closed fully.

After a bit of trouble shooting I decided that is was probably a bad switch assembly for the pull down motor. Replaced that switch today and that did the trick.

Part number was 1662-9927 SWITCH ASLID PLD, cost through my local dealer was $18.22 with tax. It looked like at least one of the five connectors on the switch input side was corroded at it's base. Perhaps the internal workings of the switch had also gotten dirty or corroded. Anyway, it is fixed now and it was a ten minute job. Of course the trouble shooting took a bit longer. B)

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