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First time poster here.  I have questions for you guys.  I currently own a 2001 Olds Aurora with 209.000 miles.  With the V6 "shortstar" so I'm sorta familiar with the engine family.  I LOVE my Aurora, but its getting on in miles and may be time to look for a replacement.  I have found a 1997 Caddy Seville STS with 77K miles for $3994 asking at a dealer.  Looks Great!  White with tan - leather looks pretty good - slight wear on it - no worse than my Olds wqas and it has not gotten any worse in 3 years.

I have called my mechanic - he and his partner own "Northern Star" garage and you can guess what their specialty is.  We are at foot of mountain and he said if I test it, drive it up mountain to see if it overheats.  That will tell how the engine is doing.  And that I will probably be looking at head gaskets at some point, most likely, no matter what. He has had them need head gasket job at 46K miles and up.  they charge about $3K for the service and they do the job for the local Caddy dealership - they used to work there - Northstars are their specialty.

 My Aurora had 124K on it when I got it in Nov. 2012 and has needed very little.  brakes, ground wire, coil in steering wheel, diverter valves, cam sensor, and may need a crank sensor soon - it comes and goes, but never leaves me stranded.  I do smell coolant occasionally.  And it uses oil.  Like a Northstar can.  

What do you guys think?  Good deal or bad?  What else to look for?  Do these cars have that awful GM Cruise control on the turnsignal stalk?  That is a judgment but I have always hated them.  My Aurora has the little thingie at 4oclock position on steering wheel - much nicer to me.  Is there a CD changer in the trunk?  In the pics, it looks like a changer, but can't tell for sure.

I'm not in love with it and the dealership is part of a network so the car is about 100 miles away.  they can arrange to get it here if I really want to see it.  I'm debating.  I like the size of these cars.  I realize it's almost 20 years old and things are going to need attention at some point.  If I can get the service out f it that I have out of my Olds, I would be  a pretty happy guy.   Service history is not on the free Autocheck report they give - just the registration renewals.  Car looks to have possibly been garaged from condition of leather in pictures.  

How hard is regular maintenance on these?  oil changes?  Sensors?  Other regular items that fail?  I have read about the head gaskets and oil consumption as major possibilities.  Others?


Randy C

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