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New Blower Motor


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I recently replaced my blower motor in my 92 Seville. I got one from a bone yard. This motor I got was from a 98 S-10 and the guy said it would fit ....and it did. It kicks on just like it should, but I don't get any air in the car. My question........is it possible that this blower motor off of the S-10 turns the OPPOSITE way and the fan cage blades area directioned the wrong way so that the air flow is backwards??? If so....can I reverse the polarity of the motor?? Thanks for help.

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caddy nut , make sure that all the flap motors are working and do open all the various vents under the dash. fan could be blowing backward , don't try to reverse polarity you will short out some of ac computer controlls.$$$$$$$$ . Hope this helps out, mike

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Loosen the mounts an pull the motor just enough to see which way the squirrle cage is rotating or try holdin a lit cigarrette by the intake vent at the bottom of the windsheild and see if it is blowing out there.

I am not sure if it can be reversed. That is a question for someone with much more electrical knowledge than I.

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