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1994 STS top speed


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Myself and two friends drove my 1994 STS to Las Vegas. On the way there, at one point, I was riding in the back seat and one friend was driving. For about 300 miles, my friend was driving between 110 and 145 mph. For quite a while, we were following a Jaguar S-Type at speeds around 140 MPH. Jaguar S-Types have top speeds of 146 MPH (V6) and 150 MPH (V8).

Now, the reason I write this is because the other friend (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE:P) who was riding in the front passenger's seat insists that the car was limited to 130 MPH. I had it over 130 many times and know he is wrong.

I just need someone to confirm that ALL 1993-1994 STS's came from the factory with Z-rated tires and no speed limiter. It wasn't until 1995 that STS's only had Z-rated tires as an option. Can someone confirm this for me?

On a side note....the car never burned oil again after that trip for as long as I owned it. I believe it was a combination of the spirited driving and MaxLife oil that stopped the oil burning. :D

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I believe you're right -- during the first few years, the STS came standard with Z-rated tires. Customers complained of a harsh ride, and Cadillac made the Z-rated tires an option in later years.

It's a moot point though -- look at the door jamb decal. That will tell you if that particular car originally came with Z-rated tires. That will prove that your car (or that particular car if it wasn't yours) was able to go faster than 130.

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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