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I replaced the engine oil cooler lines

Jan Olsson

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  • Hi all!

This weekend I replaced the engine oil cooler lines and the oil level sending switch since it also was leaking oil. I always brag about how thoughtful the design is in these cars, because the FWD layout makes everything really cramped by default, but Cadillac has somehow managed to create a layout that makes it possible to do most of the accessory jobs quite livable. But I can honestly say that I won't do something like this again in a long time.

The pipes are crammed up in a tiny tight volume and I'm sure that a job like this could make any grown man cry if he isn't REALLY determined.

In short:

  • hoist vehicle

  • drain engine oil and remove the oil filter

  • In order to be able to use the old quick-connect fittings again, let them sit on the oil filter adapter (the FSM calls for new ones if they are ever removed so don’t remove them) and instead pull the spring clips with the fittings in place

  • remove air deflector (splash shield)

  • remove cooler pipe bracket (darn tricky one to reach AND get a good grip on)

  • open the hood and remove the big plastic sheet in front of vehicle (the beauty cover)

  • loosen and set aside the headlights

  • remove the hood latch assembly

  • remove headlamp washer reservoir

  • loosen the oil pipes from the radiator

  • loosen radiator upper supports in order to lift and tilt/pull forward the radiators

  • wiggle, pull and twist until the pipes comes out if you don’t want to drain the cooling system enough to loosen the upper radiator hose, but I don’t think that will do much. Otherwise also loosen the electric fan assembly and pull it out. I did that once a couple of years ago when I replaced a damaged radiator and I didn’t want to go there again so I tried with radiator and fans in place.

  • Halfway there now! You just have to get the new pipes in place and be sure that the cross each other and the AC-pipes the right way. If you do it like me then you imagine that it will come to you naturally when you mount it. Don’t believe that. Usually I always take notes or take pictures of how the stuff was mounted but this time I thought it was easy. It was not…and required three r&rs to get in the right spot eventually. My fault.

  • The rest is in reversed order as usual.

While I was at it I had a good look at the transmission oil cooler lines and I believe that they are due to replacement also. But they should be easier to do.

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Glad you shared.

I have replaced enough of the transmission lines, especially the shorter one. It is crammed in at a hot area that appears to move alot.

I had one blow out before and it was a mess. Luckily not a fire. It blew all over the place, took out the alternator. It blew right out where the hose is crimped to the pipe. Was not happy


Nice, clean, luxury= fine automobile

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