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Replacing the alternator 94 STS


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I noticed the other night my headlights flicking while I was parking the car (94STS) I checked the OB and was getting a reading of 13.7-13.9 so I just let it go . Well This morning I'm on my way to the Phila Car Show and noticed a whine coming from the front. Again I check the OB and now I'm getting 11.8 and maybe 12.1 when I give it more gas(when parked). So I abort the car show trip and head over to my mechanic , he hooks up a meter and tells me the alternator isn't putting out , takes a look at the job and says bring it to the dealer. So how bad is it to replace this alternator ? I work on my other vechiles but we're talking Chevys and old trucks an alternator job in them is nothing but a 30 min job. The caddy looks a little more involved.



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Be prepared for a two hour job, start to finish, maybe longer, depending on your skill level. The drive belt has to come off, the cooling fan assembly has to be moved, if you can get the car on a lift, your job maybe easier. The alternator has to be dropped through a hole/space near the radiator. The two bolts at the back of the alternator are the time consumers. The first one can only be backed out to the exhaust manifold cover. The second one, you can barely see and reach. I actually never hooked back up that last bolt when I replaced my alternator four months ago. That was over 7000 miles ago and infinite WOTs. I will attempt to get it back in if I ever have to tear down that area in the future. I am still knocking on wood that the alternator will stay in place until then.

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