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The engine block of make of aluminum. Anytime the heads are removed it is necessary to drill out the head bolt threads and insert a time-sert. See a time-sert here >> http://www.timesert.com/ Using a time-sert is the correct way to re-install the head bolts. It is also necessary to use NEW head bolts as they are coated and from what I understand are designed to stretch, old bolts have been stretched already and can not be used again. Note also that there is a specific method to tightening the head bolts, its not as easy as it was years ago when you simply followed a pattern and gradually tighten down.

When the heads are removed, some material is removed from the threads weakening them. The weakened threads can lead to the head bolt pulling out the weakened threads, causing the head gasket to leak.

Anytime the heads are removed time-serts must be used don't let anyone tell you any different.

By the way you have a 99, its time to change your coolant if you have not done so already. Dexcool is good for 5 years or 100K miles, after that it loses it ability to prevent corrosion and the headgaskets can corrode and allow fluids and combustion gases to inter-mix... The coolant can also damage the head bolt threads weakening them.. So change your coolant religiously

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