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Steering Problems 95 DeVille


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Hi Everyone. I have a 95 Cadillac DeVilke, 4.9, that I just purchased with 94,000 miles. It seems to only have one problem that I can find. The steering frrls like the power steering pump is barely working, making te wheel hard to turn.

THe pump is not makng any strange noises and the belt is nie and tight. The rack does have an area that s a little wet, but I don't have fluid leaking out or dripping. The very wierd thing about this problem is I have full power steering when I first start the car. On the instrument panel, a sign comes up indicating "Monitering Systems." When this sign is on, I can fully turn the wheel back and forth with one pimky with no problens at all. However, about the time the dash turns to "All Systems Okay", the steering gets hard to turn again again. I would say that it works for the first 5 or 6 seconds before losing power. I I immediately restart the car, the same thing happens.

If it was the pump or the steering rack, you wouldn't think I'd feel the power steering at any time. It would seem to me like the PCM is telling the pump to back off and not operate after that initial few seconds.

Anyone have a suggestion or have experienced this problem before? Please advise. Thank you--Steve

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