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94 Seville...No Instrument/Dash Lights


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My 94 Seville STS has No Instrument/Dash lights and cant figure it out, i parked it and they were working and when i got back in, they dont.

Just the Guage lights (Tach and Speedo), Climate Control buttons, and Info, Reset buttons on the sides. The Guages work, the Digital Read outs work, just not the lights when my headlights are on, the dimmer works all the other lights, the twilight sentinal turns the lights off and on.

Any ideas?? I think it might be the Headlight Switch/twilight switch for some reason.

Thanks for the help.


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I think that the loss of dash lights is a built in warning that you have lost your tail lights. I could be wrong, but I would check to see if your tail light bulbs are working. If not, change them and see if the dash lights come back on. I know that GM had this feature in the past.

Good Luck,


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