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Below I quote information I found regarding the 3.6L CTS engine, which says it is indeed an interference engine:


The 3.6L Engine found in the Cadillac CTS, SRX, STS, and various other GM vehicles is a great engine. But they have issues with timing chains, needing replacement. Here at Northstar Performance, We have experience in repairs of the 3.6L (named the High-Feature engine). Most shops charge around $2,000-$2,500 to replace these chains. We offer the repair for $1,200.00 including the new GM timing chains and lower sprocket set. (longitudinally mounted engines only).

While we're in there we also take care of a few things that are common with this engine: We clean out the PCV system and ports, replace the intake and valve cover gaskets, and if you would like, we can replace the spark plugs at no charge for labour (just pay for the spark plugs). If you need new belt tensioners, alternator, or new serpentine belts, again- no charge for labour just the parts.

My neighbour and my girlfriend inspired me to offer this service; both having issues with their CTS and SRX. Please check for availability, we are usually pretty busy with the Northstars.

One thing I must stress heavily: If you begin to hear engine noises, ticking, rattling, etc.... and it gets pronounced, simply STOP driving the car. If you don't, and a timing chain or sprocket breaks, the valves will meet the pistons. This is an interference engine, and the repairs will probably double in price, if the engine can even still be saved.

Also: If you're following the OLM (Oil Life Monitor) when it comes to oil changes, I highly suggest ignoring that and going back to 3,000 mile (5,000 kilometer) oil change intervals. Oil is cheap, timing chains are not. The orfices where oil flows through on this engine are very, very small. If any sludge begins to build up, these orfices become plugged and parts are no longer getting the oil they need.



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