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'99 sts headlight modification


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got a black one (sts), and as i was sipping a beer the other day admiring my car and thinking what a sweet ride i've got, it came to me in a flash.

what if i could paint all the flat chrome stuff (except the reflectors surfaces) in the headlight clusters BLACK. it would bee totally cool. the other idea is the chrome trim around the side windoows and front grill. ALL BLACK! ALL COOL!

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lol just to clear up... I was going to go in there with WHITE paint, not black. I would definitely be drinking the wrong beer if I went with the latter. I photoshopped this into a few photos of my car and decided it wasn't the best look for me.

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To try the blackout look out (even if on one only side :P ),

Clean the chrome or whatever, let the car warm a bit in the garage, then cover the chrome with black electrical tape.

Don't stretch it and be careful cutting it to not scratch the paint or polished aluminum.

Sounds kinda funky, but should give you an idea of what it would look like.

Hold on the beer until you are done...

The tape lines might be straighter... if they arn't, then more beer later will compensate anyway. :blink:

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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