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Mailbag: sitting, replaced fuel tank, won't start

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Cadillac Jim....I need your help....i have a 1993 Cadillac STS.....Its been sitting for a few yrs...got it running twice... just dropped the fuel tank and replaced the fuel pump.....now she wont fire up....i can hear the fuel pump kick on....im stumped what do I do......?????????  @Cadillac Jim


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Are the lines hooked up good? Have you checked fuel pressure.

Just because pump is new doesnt mean it is good


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Well, the usual thing is to check the codes and see what's up with the modules and go from there.  Since among the three essentials of spark, compression, and fuel, the only real suspect is fuel, I would smell the exhaust if it doesn't start and make sure that there was no fuel odor.  If there *is* a smell of gas, then the problem is spark or timing (crank sensor or wiring, etc.), and as you know, failed crank sensors, loose connectors, arcing plug wires, etc. are common problems with cars that sit for a really long time.

Rockfangd has good advice in troubleshooting a fuel pump installation.  If there are no codes and you don't smell fuel after turning over the engine for several seconds, I would check the fuel filter and the FPR too.  A pressure gauge is good; loosening a fitting and seeing if there is pressure is quicker but a bit dangerous, particularly if you smoke.

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Sitting for a few years?

Was stabilizer used?

How many years?

Fuel deteriorates, you may need to flush the tank, lines and keep your fingers crossed the injectors are not fouled.

Check for fuel at the fuel rail, you might even pour fresh fuel in.  Water falls to the bottom of the tank.  Drain some fuel out of the shrader valve if your gauge has a purge line into a clear glass jar and let it settle to see what it looks like and whether water is present.

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Along the same lines as Cadillac Jim was referring to, you can grab a can of WD-40 ( AKA - portable fuel tank ) open the  intake up at the T-body have someone crank it and give it a couple "shots" of WD. If it starts and runs you have bad fuel, plugged in-line filter or faulty new fuel pump or any combination there of.

Remove a small amount of fuel and do a fuel volatility test.


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