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I'm in the market for a concours. I own a 1994 moroon concours whcih has 140,000 miles and I intend to keep it indefinetly. After my dealer showed me all his caddys, I told him to keep looking for me and that I would know when I saw the one I liked. He called me down a few days later and pointed out a caddy coming out of his car wash. The second I saw this baby it was all over. Those of you who own that red/moroon color know how beautifull it can look. I can"t tell you how many times this car has turned heads as it speeds down a winding country road.

On top of that, I just love the Caddy's technology. These days I have my doubts about the ethics or corporate America, but I am very proud that the Caddy Divsion is one that is driven by true innovation. Not to say that Cadillac is perfect. Their dealerships I feel are built more on rote politness and predominately technical incompetent. I gues that is ok if your on warranty.

Well to get to the point of my post. I have been looking to buy another Caddy. My budget is fairly meager with 3 kids in college at the same time and maintaining four

family cars now as well as looking at a fifth. Shopping on ebay, I can safely expect to buy in the under 7,000.00 range. I'm looking at only concours ranging in years from 1994-1999. Milage is probably the single most significant functionj of the price. My single most important criteria is that the car have the Northstar engine, so that eliminates some of the Devilles. If I'm patient, I think I wiill eventually find what I want.

But at this time a Oldsmobile Aurora with a 4.0 liter Northstar has caught my attenion. The color is appealing, milage is good and the price is excellent. I've checked the vin on carfax and it has a clear title, being originally a lease car and apparently bought by the original leasee. For seveveral reasons, including the out of favor image of Oldsmobile, that fact that they have stopped making Aurora and others, this car appeals to me as a GREAT VALUE. I'm asking for your opinions on thge possible erroneous assumptions I am making:

1___Are the 4l engine and the morthstar systim the same as caddy's. I'm reading that

in terms of the engine the only difference is the bore size of cylinders which

acconts for the 250 hp vs 275 or 300

Wher else might they differ ie does the system have camel mode; is it's traction control system the same.

2_ It seems that the aurara is assembled at a different plant then Caddy. How much do you think that would effect the workmanship. The Aurora, at least nominally has almost if not all the features and amenities that the Caddy has.

Since I believe that Cadddy assemblers have a more pronounced pride accontability, I worry about their other Divisions. Like I said earlier even Caddy has it's short comings.

If anyone has opinion please let me know. As a first time poster, it was fun talking to you all about my Caddy.

Regards and good luck,

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Prior to my Dad owning his DTS, which he bought this summer, he had an 1997 Aurora. It was a fantastic car, that never seemed to faulter. We found it funny that we were getting rid of it, for it really was a perfect car (ran great, looked great, etc..) but my Dad's company required that you keep newer iron in your stable.

As far as the powertrain, I believe it is essentaily the same system, but others can ellaborate on teh technical details. One personal observation about the 4L Northstar was how docille it was, unless you really dug into it. Our STS (the 95) was/is like a hot rod relative to the Olds, as the power is very touchy. In the Olds, the power was there, but you had to dig for it.

Furthermore, in terms of build quality, there were many things about the Aurora that surpassed the quality/design of the STS. Of course, they were different generations. The STS was a 1992 design, where as the Aurora was revealed for 1995. The quality of materials, and the overall feel of sitting in the car was very much an improvment over the Caddy.

I can not really speak much to the previous generation full size Caddys, but I would definetely recommend an Aurora!

Good luck!

" ...'took my Cobra down t' the track, hitched to the back o' my Cadillac..."

- Jan & Dean, 'hey little cobra'


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The second I saw this baby it was all over. Those of you who own that red/moroon color know how beautifull it can look. I can"t tell you how many times this car has turned heads as it speeds down a winding country road.

Yes... my first Caddy was a 1993 STS in that Dark Cherry Metallic, Gold Package, Vogue's, Palomino two-toned interior - it sure was a beautiful car.

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