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Blog Post: Cadillac ATS shines in Global Sales in July

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Total Global Sales for Cadillac below; let’s compare to US Sales figures here: Large Cadillacs Continue to Lead Sales Gains in July.

World sales for the ATS continue to shine compared to US sales.  US sales in July were 2,119 and total sale were 4,983 so outside the US sales were 2,864, more than the US sales.  The ATS continues to shine as a world Cadillac, while the large Cadillac sales improve in the US.

The XT5 is a hit outside the US as well as in the US.  Global sales of 8,130 with US sales of 4,951 mean other markets bought 3,179 XT5s, a good result.  The XT5 may be the first Cadillac in the modern era to move more than 10K a month.

CT6 numbers were similar with the world market at about 1/2 of US Sales — Cadillac sold 827 in the US and 1,234 total so 410 outside the US.

Cadillac global sales of 153K by July (month 7) suggest total sales for the year of 260K, short of the 300K goal.

Press Release:

In July Cadillac sold 24,769 new vehicles globally, an increase of 20.9 percent. The sharp increase was driven by the brand’s newest models, the CT6 prestige sedan and XT5 luxury crossover, as well as the ATS product line supported by continued strong growth in China.

Sales in China soared 89.7 percent in July. Cadillac is experiencing sustained growth in China, the world’s largest market, with sales up 23.9 percent so far in 2016. Cadillac registered July growth in the U.S. and Canada as well, led by the new 2017 XT5.

The new XT5 sold 8,130 units in July, the most since its launch this past spring. Sales of Cadillac’s sporty ATS sedan and coupe models grew 32 percent globally in July. Benefitting from an acceleration in its production rate, the Escalade’s sales increased again in July, with sales up 4.3 percent overall in 2016.

In the U.S., the brand experienced volume growth while continuing to earn a premium position in the marketplace. Cadillac average transaction prices topped $53,000 per unit (according to J.D. Power Information Network), the highest among full-line luxury brands.

“Product substance forms the foundation of our disciplined approach to global expansion,” said Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen. “Elevating every aspect of the business is how we earn incremental volume growth while simultaneously building brand prestige.”

Cadillac sales in key regions appear in the table below.

  July-16 July-15 % Change YTD-16 YTD-15 % Change
ATS 4,983 3,776 32.0 30,952 32,701 (5.3)
CTS 1,476 1,790 (17.5) 10,992 12,984 (15.3)
ELR 15 68 (77.9) 519 682 (23.9)
XTS 3,189 2,825 12.9 28,344 27,669 2.4
CT6 1,234 0 NEW 4,825 0 NEW
SRX 2,287 8,633 (73.5) 34,956 54,695 (36.1)
XT5 8,130 0 NEW 19,511 0 NEW
Escalade 3,455 3,392 1.9 23,838 22,854 4.3
Other 0 0  – 0 14
Total 24,769 20,484 20.9 153,937 151,599 1.5
  July-16 July-15  % Change YTD-16 YTD-15 % Change
United States 14,341 14,154 1.3 87,572 95,053 (7.9)
China* 8,757 4,616 89.7 54,575 44,060 23.9
Canada 869 857 1.4 6,327 6,520 (3)
Middle East 381 416 (8.4) 2,373 3,139 (24.4)
Mexico 165 137 20.4 970 994 (2.4)
EU** & Russia 158 145 8.9 1149 846 35.8
ROW 98 159 (38.3) 971 987 (1.6)
Total 24,769 20,484 20.9 153,937 151,599 1.5


FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact David Caldwell at 586.899.7861 or david.caldwell@cadillac.com.

*China 2016 retail sales

**Europe sales are estimated, do not include Chevrolet Corvette and Camaro (which are offered in some European Cadillac dealerships.)

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