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Jack M

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I generally set my temperature on 72 degrees during cool weather. However, for the last few days, the digital display starts climbing upwards, sometimes stopping on 86, but most often goes up to the limit of 90 degrees. During this uncommanded transition, the high speed blower kicks in and the ducts provide uncomfortably warm air. This happened at least twenty times the other day during a ten mile round trip. I'd reset it for 70, 72, or whatever - but it would start climbing within the next minute or so.

This also happened a few times last summer while the air conditioner was on, but couldn't be duplicated when the dealer service writer checked it out. He did not check for problem codes.

A few people have told me that this is a cluster problem - or a bad ground or resister.

I thought I'd post my problem here and get some feedback from this board before taking it back to the dealership, because there is a warranty issue: It was still covered last summer when I took it in, but it expired a few months ago.

Sure hope you guys who've experienced my problem, or something like it, can shed a little light. Thanks in advance!

Jack M.

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