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Engine over heat


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I have a recent problem with my 98 sts. One of the small 3/8" hoses burst last week, I replaced that hose my self, and sence then the engine started to over heat when ever it is in idling mode after warming up.

The cooling fan seems to work fine with and without a/c.

First I thought that maybe air got into the system and I warmed up the engine without radiator cap to purge any gas in the cooling system. I noticed that the tempreture returned to normal. However, the temperature still rise whenever I idle the car @ stops or traffic lights.

The only reason that I could think of is not suffecient cooling, but what could triggered this issue is it that 3/8 " tube that I replaced?

Did any one experienced the same problem? :(

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Ok first the silly question. Did you replace the lost coolant with a 50/50 mix?

When I had my coolant drained and filled this fall it took several days to burp the system. Then I had to top off with more 50/50 mix. During the burping my temps were on the high side as well at idle, stop lights, and low speeds.

You may just have more air to burp.

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