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Key Fob Fixed


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About two weeks ago I dropped my keys twice on the pavement. Immediately my Key Fob stopped working, and would only work when I hit it on my leg while the button was pushed.

I took it apart and found a component loose on the circuit board and hanging by one lead, see red arrow. All I did was resolder this component back in place with a tiny needle nose soldering iron and it works perfect. If you have any non-working remotes take a look at this component to see if its loose, this is the second time this happened.. Also the battery contact to the left of that component has four prongs that get flat, gently lift them about an eighth of an inch, it will improve battery contact. Hope this gets some of your non-working remotes working, Mike


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Thanks for the picture! My FOB works great. But, I need to buy a new one. The buttons are worn all the way through, haha!

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